Hi there! So you want to write a guest post for the Crosshair Press blog? That’s awesome. We’re excited to hear your idea. But there are a couple of things we need you to keep in mind.

1) We can’t guarantee that we’ll use your post. Even if it’s the Best Blog Post in the Whole Wide Universe, we just may not have room for it. Our blog is very active, and sometimes we just can’t cram everything in. It doesn’t mean your post isn’t fabulous. In other words: It’s not you; it’s us.

2) The audience for the Crosshair Press blog is primarily other authors and writers, so if you have tips and tricks for how to live or make a living as writer, those things are wonderful. But we have a bunch of other topics too. You’ll need to choose a post category:

  • Writing Tips
  • Marketing Tips
  • Book/Movie/TV Show review
  • Fandom-Related
  • Life as an Author

If you don’t choose a post category, we can’t accept your query.

3) Anything you send us needs to be about the art or industry of writing. Please don’t include a lot of links to your personal website. We’ll have a place for that at the end of the post. But we want to focus on making sure our readers get good information about writing as a lifestyle and/or career. That doesn’t include a plug for your website or book every other sentence, you know?

4) Also please limit your submitted posts to 700 words maximum. If you can keep it more around 500, that would be best. But we can go up to 700.

5) Many different ages read our blogs, so if you feel the need to include profanity to make a point, that’s all right. But note that we will mark it with a rating to ensure readers are aware of the content.

6) If you feel the need to write a blog that is inspirational in nature, be aware that Crosshair Press only accepts material that is written from a biblical worldview. For more information on what we believe, you can read our Faith Statement.

7) If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at guestposts@crosshairpress.com

All finished reading? Now submit your blog post idea!

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