Road Trips: Always an adventure

PENCON logoGood morning, fellow story-lovers! As you’re reading this post, two friendly neighborhood Crosshair Press editors are getting back on the road from our wonderfully hospitable overnight stay with friends in Florrisant, Missouri. We are on our way from our home in Kansas to the 2017 PENCON editing conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

The newly minted Mrs. Katie Phillips and I will be teaching at PENCON on May 5 and 6, on topics ranging from content editing and worldbuilding to terminology libraries and the business side of freelancing (can you guess who’s teaching what?). But while we’re down there, we’re so excited to meet up with some old friends.

Follow our journey

If you’re at all interested in the crazy road trip adventures we’re going to have, be sure you’re following our individual Instagram accounts: @create.explore.illuminate and @acwilliams05. You may or may not want to search for hashtags like #whirlyandducky or #HermesTheFrog. Just saying. What you find may make you laugh a lot. It’ll definitely make you wonder what exactly is going on in our crazy brains.

The whole road trip will take us about 2,200 miles, and yes, we’re driving. Because we’re cheap. And self-employed. So that means we’re packing lunches, begging free meals off of friends, and hitting the day-old racks at grocery stores. No, not really. But almost.

While we’re in Atlanta, we’ll also be selling books! So if you’re one of our awesome readers in the Atlanta area, leave us a comment and a way to get in touch with you (or email us) and we’ll meet up with you!

Always an adventure

There’s no telling what will happen on our road trip, but whatever it is, hopefully you’ll be following right along with us so you’ll know where we end up stranded. That way you can call emergency services to come rescue us, right?


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  • Patricia E Posted May 2, 2017 10:10 am

    He will give His angels charge over you…Amen!

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