We are a small, independent press created by writers for writers – and their readers. Personal connections, quality fiction and consistent professionalism are important to us.

Crosshair Press uses a unique publishing format designed to give writers larger royalty percentages, walk with you throughout the publishing process, and keep costs low so we can publish more great titles each year.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1. You send us your book proposal, which includes your query, your synopsis, and no more than three chapters (prologues count as a chapter). We love your idea, so we ask for your full manuscript.

Step 2. We all read your manuscript. We think it’s great, but needs a few edits.

Step 3. You are assigned a member of our editorial team. She works with you to make your manuscript the best it can be. Then she resubmits it to the rest of the Crosshair Press team.

Step 4. We love it even more. We offer you a contract. You sign it, and receive a small (seriously, very small) advance to make things official. BUT, you do not receive any royalties until your books has made back production costs plus 50% (that helps us put out more great titles). Then you split the total profits 30/70 with Crosshair Press. This generally takes about six months, give or take.

Step 5. We work with you and our legit graphic designers to create stunning front and back covers and promotional materials. We also take care of converting your manuscript into e-books available through Amazon Kindle and Smashwords (Barnes & Noble, etc.) platforms.

Step 6. We help you create a marketing plan, offer you promotional space on our website’s authors’ page, and promote your book on our blog and social media platforms. You can purchase hard copies of your book through us for a discounted rate, if you want them for gifts or promotional purposes.

Step 7. The real work starts! You use the tools we’ve given you to effectively promote your book across various platforms. It begins to catch on, and people get excited. They share it with their friends and social media platforms. Soon your book is climbing the Amazon and New York Times bestseller lists. It receives the Christy award. You start rolling in the dough and retire to a remote tropical island to write your next bestseller.

Okay, maybe not on the last bit. BUT, you do get to share your amazing story with lovers of great fiction all over the world. God will use it to impact others’ lives. And we’ve both made a little money to support our book-loving habit and get more awesome stories into the hands of eager readers. And that’s almost as good.

Ready to take the plunge? Think you have what it takes? Pop over to our submission requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

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