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Writers are the word-shapers of the world. We are quirky, creative, and sometimes solitary, but above all, we use words to invite the light of Christ.

As a writer, I can minister to the hurting, confused, and downcast of the world through stories and articles. Including myself. When we as writers put words on the page, we are exploring and resolving some of the conflict within us. So it’s not just for fun, although it is often that. It’s vital work that will advance God’s kingdom.
The Power of Words

God spoke the world into existence using words. The leaders of powerful countries rule their nations using words. Successful companies advertise their products with words, even if it’s just the name of their brand.

This is the power of words. Writers get to create fantastic worlds and collect moving thoughts for readers. Even if we’re only tapping into the world we see every day, we can present that same world, same struggle in a new and hopeful way. This is why we write stories and articles of hopeful change, however small it may be. We can, in a small way, minister like Jesus did by demonstrating the effects of saving grace through our words.
The Healing of Words

The only way to guide someone out of the darkness of confusion and pain is to shine a light. Words, chosen with hope and confidence, illuminate the darkest mind. Our words illuminate the way to seeing the world as it truly is—full of God. Hopeful stories, fiction and nonfiction, invite readers to experience hope vicariously. These stories show readers how to make forgiveness and peace part of their own lives. Sometimes we have to join them at the beginning, in the dark places, but by using the power of our words, we can lead them to the light of God’s presence.
The Ministry of Words

We are called to this powerful ministry. Our word-shaping is more than an exciting way to live.

It’s not just for us, the writers. It’s for our readers who are struggling to see the light of the world. Of course, we don’t create the light. We use our words as vessels to hold the light Jesus has given us.

We are the light-bringers who must be brave enough to step into the darkness and show the way to others.

How will you minister with your words today?

Sheri Yutzy is a storyteller who believes that words hold unimaginable power. She is passionate about writing life-changing literature for young people. She writes and edits for Daughters of Promise, an Anabaptist women’s magazine, and is working to get her first two YA fantasy novels published. In the meantime, she writes short stories and articles for Splickety and anyone else who will take them. Visit Sheri at or on Facebook.
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  • padawill7 Posted April 11, 2017 11:52 am

    So very true! Thanks, Amy!

  • Jebraun Clifford Posted April 18, 2017 3:03 am

    Yes, yes, yes! Writing and speaking words is ‘vital work that will advance God’s kingdom.’ Thank you for such a beautiful post about the power of words. I couldn’t agree more 🙂

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