We will only consider fiction written from a biblical worldview that incorporates two specific aspects, which we call crosshairs.

High Action

This means we only want fiction that has a lot of adventure or excitement in it. We’ll take political thrillers, action, suspense, science fiction, fantasy–anything–as long as it’s exciting and reads in a way that keeps us on the edge of our seats. We’ll even consider romance if it has some element of adventure or action in it (no, not that kind of action). A school play that goes awry or a new bride waiting for her husband to come back from war isn’t going to cut it … unless it somehow incorporates a lot of explosions.

Spiritual Dilemma

This means your story must have some kind of spiritual or moral question involved. Your character has to face an issue that will change the way he or she sees God or the Christian life for good or for bad, but it must be written from a biblical worldview.  Ask the hard questions, and don’t be afraid to dig for the answers. Don’t be afraid to challenge our way of thinking. Jesus did that all the time, but He never challenged the authority of the Bible. You can do the same thing. Make us think.

We will only take fiction that incorporates both of these elements. There is plenty of fiction out there that is very spiritual and deals with spiritual questions. Likewise, there’s lots of fiction with heavy action and excitement. We want to print books that have both!

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