At Crosshair Press we love books. We love readers. And we love our writers. A key aspect of our heart and calling is coming alongside ordinary people with God-given talents and stories, and helping them find their voice.

With that in mind, the Crosshair team has developed a partnership with CP editor Katie Morford to provide quality critique, editing and mentorship services.

Check out her website to learn how you can take your story to the next level and prepare for publication. 

“Katie [Morford] is a fantastic young editor, and I can’t wait to see what lies in her future.” – Jeff Gerke, professional editor and founder of Marcher Lord Press (now Enclave)

“With the help of Katie Morford I was able to get over [my] fear of writing and learn how to approach that blank page…Her comments not only instructed me when my writing fell short, but also encouraged me when it excelled. Any time I had a question, I could email her and get a quick response with a clear answer and helpful examples.” – Austin Calam, student


(Part 1) Fiction Fundamentals—8 Weeks ($200 + $25 each for optional)

  1. Mastering the Mechanics
  2. Story Structure: Premise, Message, and Three Acts
  3. Show vs. Tell
  4. Sympathetic Characters and Telling their Story
  5. Point-of-View and How (Not) to Use it Effectively
  6. Effective Villains and the Looming Threat
  7. Description and World-building: Using the 5 Senses
  8. Pacing and the Ticking Clock
  9. (Optional) Writing Book Series: Pulling It All Together
  10. (Optional) Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Novellas and Web Serials


(Part 2) The Advanced Fiction Writer—8 Weeks ($300)

  1. Your Authentic Voice
  2. Accepting Criticism (A.k.a Your Editor is Your Friend)
  3. Navigating the Publishing Industry
  4. Social Media and Marketing
  5. Blogging for Writers
  6. Newsletters and Building Your Tribe
  7. Nuts and Bolts for the Creative Business Person
  8. The Creative Life (Avoiding Burn-Out and Staying Inspired)


Sign up and get more information by contacting Katie Morford. 

Address: PO Box 154
Haven, KS 67543