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So you got published. Congratulations! It’s a moment that you can’t even prepare for emotionally until it happens. You’ll remember holding that physical copy, seeing that ebook on the screen for the rest of your life. For most folks, being published is the culmination of years and years of struggle and self-doubt.

It would be wonderful to tell you the hard part was over, but we can’t. The hard part is just beginning. 

Buzz doesn’t build itself

Building buzz for ebooks with marketingBefore their ebook even hits the digital shelves, the most successful authors have already been promoting their story in bookstores, libraries, schools, workshops, and random cafes and coffee shops. Buzz doesn’t build itself, and the sooner you can get people talking about your story, the better. So when the ebook finally arrives, you’ve got a ready-made audience chomping at the bit to get a copy.

You don’t have to be published by a Big Publisher to have access to awesome marketing tools that help get the word out about your ebook. One really excellent option is the vast variety of Discount Ebook Newsletters, which are dispatched daily to hundreds of thousands of eager subscribers.

The best known option is probably BookBub, but what we’ve discovered is that BookBub is really difficult to get into! They’re also crazy expensive. And if you’re just starting out in this ridiculous career called Novelist, you don’t always have extra cash to throw around. So in this blog post, we’ve assembled some of the best discount ebook newsletters that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to advertise in … and that have a good chance of approving your submission!

Ereader News Today

Ereader News Today (ENT) may not be the most well known or highest distributed option on this list, but it’s the one we here at Crosshair have had the most success with. ENT offers a long list of genres that you can advertise your ebook under, and the most attractive part of their service is the price, which ranges from $30 to $40 for their free book promotions.

Bargain Booksy / Free Booksy

We haven’t used Bargain Booksy or Free Booksy yet, but they come up in conversation regularly. While they are both part of the same group of enewsletters, as an author you need to understand that they are different. Bargain Booksy is for ebooks priced between $0.99 and $5; Free Booksy is only for ebooks that are free.

Bargain Booksy has reasonable options for common genres and a featured page for your ebook. The prices range from $25 to $70. Free Booksy offers similar options and is promoted to their Facebook fans too. The prices range from $40 to $100.


Another good, cheap option is ManyBooks. They don’t have as many subscribers or services as others, but they’re reliable and put out a good quality newsletter. For $29 your ebook gets a featured page and a place in their daily newsletter. To be approved, though, your ebook already has to have a specific number of reviews.

The Fussy Librarian

Next on our list is The Fussy Librarian. This is a really fun site with a lot of options to advertise your ebook. What I like about it the most is the specific genres you can pick. Subscribers choose which genres of ebooks they want to receive, and you can choose several genres for your ebook and advertise within each genre.

Each genre ranges in price from $10 to $19. For example, if you wanted to advertise your Young Adult Fantasy novel with Fussy Librarian, you would select the Young Adult ($10) genre and the Fantasy ($18) genre. So the total of your promotion would be $28.

Book Gorilla

Another option that comes up in conversation regularly is Book Gorilla. This is another service that we haven’t used yet, but it appears to be a very well put together site with many options. It does have a very long list of rules and regulations to sort through, so if you aren’t in to fine print, it may not be the option for your ebook. That being said, all free promotions are either $40 or $50.

Other Options

Of course, enewsletters aren’t the only way to advertise your ebook. The Internets provide a multitude of options you can make use of to help get the word out about your story.

Book Marketing Tools

Personally, this one is next on my list–Book Marketing Tools. For $29, this service submits your ebook to 25 different free ebook retailers. You don’t have to sit down and make separate payments, submit separate feature requests, and as much time as that would save, I’m definitely interested in giving them a try.

Books and the Bear

This is another service I’m eyeing personally because they have so many options for ebook (and book) marketing, and frankly they’re very reasonable in their prices. Books and the Bear offers social media promotions (starting at $10), newsletter promotions ($30), publicity packages ($49 to $299), and even blog tours ($499). Yeah, some of that is pricey, but it might be worth it.

God’s Grace Blog Tours

Finally? The amazing Laura Grace and her blog tour company! If you’ve never done a blog tour before and aren’t very sure what you’re doing, this is a fabulous option. Laura is so much fun and so easy to work with. And for a single blog tour, she charges $35.

Get ready. Get set. Market!

So go through our list. Take a look at all of our options and see if any of them are right for you. Then give them a try! You never know what might happen. And there’s nothing better than getting the report that more than 1,000 of your ebooks have been sold!

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  • Laura A. Grace ~~ HOPE Through the Pages Posted February 7, 2017 8:36 am

    I am so honored to be mentioned! Thank you so much for your kind words!

    • Amy Williams Posted February 7, 2017 3:16 pm

      You’re very welcome! Thank YOU for your help in promoting our titles!

      • Laura A. Grace ~~ HOPE Through the Pages Posted February 8, 2017 12:42 pm

        It’s a blessing and a pleasure!

  • Claire B. Posted February 8, 2017 9:58 pm

    Saving this page! Thanks for pulling this together! 🙂

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