Between the Lines: Savas

IMG_1383rvdesatWhy do people never look up? Savas smirked, watching the oblivious crowds below through the crosshair of his rifle scope. In the years he’d been active as a sniper in the field, he’d learned that no matter the circumstances, people rarely looked up for danger.

Not that he was complaining. Made his job that much easier.

Eser would probably go off on a long rant about people living in three dimensions and only looking at two, or something weird like that. Crazy man and his computers. Not that Savas wasn’t impressed or grateful for his brother’s abilities. It took real skill to do the kind of hacking Eser did just for fun, let alone on the job.

Especially with the time constraints. Hard to focus with people shooting at you.

When it comes to his machines, Eser has more tenacity and patience than most snipers I know. And that was saying a lot. Still, it would be nice if he’d save some of that patience for dealing with people. There’s a good reason why we never let Eser play civilian spotter.

IMG_1350rvSavas panned the crowded square and grinned, catching a glimpse of Kenan through the scope.

Now, Kenan was brilliant when it came to interacting with others. He manages to make friends with everyone he talks to. Eser had a head for complex coding, but Kenan could read and understand people.

A lot more impressive ability, as far as Savas was concerned.

The brunette waitress Kenan was chatting up at the moment probably thought he was the best thing to happen to her all week. She’d never believe that Kenan was actually one of the most renowned assassins at large in Europe.

And can he ever work explosives. Kenan loved nothing more than blowing something up. Pyro.

Savas was the marksman, the long-range fighter. He was good, one of the best, and he worked hard to keep it that way. His kill count led the Ghazi rankings, despite his love/hate relationship with killing.

Ironic, he knew. A Ghazi that wasn’t always lusting for the kill.

That’s me, the reluctant assassin. With the top kill rate in Eastern Europe.

IMG_1333rvHe both loved and hated it. Loved the thrill of a job well done, hated the thought of taking a life. Like someone could take the life of his brothers. But killing is the only way to keep them safe. And if that’s what it took, then he would do it, personal feelings be damned.

Savas couldn’t see Bener in the crowd below. Probably just as well. Their fearless leader would be there under the radar, watching and directing when needed, but otherwise letting his brothers work. Doing what we do best.

Bener was the other silent killer on the team, but he chose to be in the thick of things rather than stand at a distance. A close-range fighter who preferred his knives over guns. He likes feeling that he’s close enough to step in if something goes wrong. When something goes wrong, more like.

IMG_1395rvClose enough to his brothers to have their backs. Even if I’m over 200 yards away, camped out on top of a five-story building.

Savas understood the feeling.

Same reason why Kenan would sometimes tap his earpiece and wait for a reply tap. Why Eser would often hack the surrounding security cameras and watch his brothers as the mission went down.

Same reason Savas knew the rough location of his brothers during every assignment and would visually sweep their assigned areas, just to be sure they were still safe.

Savas narrowed his eyes, finally locating his target in the midst of the plaza below. He drew in his breath, sliding his finger against the familiar pressure of the trigger. Clean kill.

Yeah, they were a pretty mismatched team. They were dysfunctional and stubborn. But they were family, blood ties or not. They looked out for each other. We’re all we have.

Together, they were unstoppable. And no one’s going to take them from me.


Special thanks to our models – A.J. Nightingale, Ryan Morris, Travis Churchill and, featured this week, Luis Alicea. Photography by Katie Morford (

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