Crosshair Press is a small traditional publisher founded by four homeschooled women in January 2014. Crosshair Press LLC went into operation in April 2016, with three co-founders at the helm.

We are all Crosshair Press authors as well, but we wanted to share our background and experience in the business world too!

Amy Williams

General Partner / Production Manager

A.C. Williams - Author PhotoI am a writer, novelist, publisher, editor, homeschool graduate, country girl who loves cats, sci-fi, and coffee. I am a storyteller, and I’ve never met a boring person. But, most importantly, I belong to Jesus, the Son of God, who loves, guides, and forgives me when I screw up (which happens a lot).

  • Freelance writer/editor, typesetter, ebook formatter, grammar nerd, and WordPress trainer
  • Novelist with three published books and two more contracted for 2016
  • Multi-faceted blogger about following Jesus, fiction writing, country living, being single, and traveling on budget (
  • Web designer with experience in HTML, CSS, and several different content management systems

Katie Morford

Partner / Editing Manager


I am a globe-trotting writer, photographer, editor, producer, and media missionary, who’s secretly a homebody and a book nerd. After three years living in England, I’ve finally moved back to my Kansas roots. I like writing about walking with Jesus in the messiness of real life and authentic relationships.

  • Freelance writer, in-depth content editor/consultant, photographer, blogger ( and producer of non-profit documentaries
  • Novelist with one published book (Kenan, under pen name Karis Waters) and 11 more completed manuscripts. Edited or consulted on four CP novels
  • Completed Christian Writers Guild Apprenticeship under literary agent Les Stobbe and Journeyman program under author DiAnn Mills

Amy Davis

Partner / Acquisitions Manager


davisI am a writer, mother, homeschool graduate, Christ-follower, and tea-lover, though not necessarily in that order. There’s a special place in my heart for the Rocky Mountains, hedgehogs, and swing music. I love reading, meeting other authors, and quotes.

  • Aspiring author with a steampunk novel due for release in Fal 2016
  • Blogger ( with experience in music, motherhood, insurance, faith, military life, and creativity. My goal is honest writing with an air of encouragement
  • Passionate about mothers pursuing their God-given dreams so they can encourage their families to do the same
Address: PO Box 154
Haven, KS 67543