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A.C. Williams

Finding Fireflies

A.C. Williams


Karis Waters & Carrie Lemke

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A.C. Williams

Namesake: The Destiny Trilogy Part Two picks up right where Nameless left off, with the crew of the Prodigal on the verge of attacking the flagship of the Knightshade Syndicate, the Tempest. But will the battle go as planned?

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Recent Reviews for Finding Fireflies

"Being a Christian, I found A.C. Williams's honest portrayal of our less-than-gracious, sometimes-harsh, judgmental attitudes refreshing and a bit convicting--but in a good way! ...This book kept me engaged, entertained, encouraged, and hopefully, forever changed. Well done!"


"I never thought such a fun book would have such a deeper story. Why don't more of us care and get involved like Patricia did? I am left with the desire to somehow become more involved with things around me. I recommend this book highly. Great Read!"

Childhood memories

"This was a fun read with real truth embedded. The author's after notes were unexpected."

Fun read with an eye-opening plot